Orian Kancepolsky

Director of Topsea Centre for Surfing

expert in Surf Instruction.  Holds a BA in teaching and

is a certified Lifeguard.  Experienced Surfing Instructor

Has been surfing for 31 years.


Renowned as an expert surf instructor, the most experienced

In Israel.  Has surfed in Hawaii, Fiji, the Canary Islands, Costa Rica.

The Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, The Maldives, USA and Mexico.


Guy Avital

Artist. Surfer for 22 years. Learned the doctrine of surfing from the

legendary Topsea.  Has been a surf instructor at the Topsea Centre

for the past two years.  Surfed in the Canary Islands and Australia.


Amor Kancepolsky.

Guest Instructor with the richest experience

of surfing in Israel. Has recently become an expert on

big wave surfing on Waimea's giant waves.


Ofer and Debbie Meltzer

Responsible for editing and translating of academic material

from English into Hebrew and for international relations with the

worldwide surfing industry.


They are also responsible for gathering the most updated information

on surf instruction methods from the universities of Hawaii and Australia.



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