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BRAD ETTINGER   שוה צפיה דצמבר 06

Brad Ettinger explores the Pacific, scoring waves in Hawaii, California, and Tavarua. He shows us he's more than capable of throwing his weight around in epic Cloudbreak.
Music: "Paint it Black" by Last Laugh courtesy of Suburban Noize Records
Edited By: AJ Collins - Surfline
Some of the East Coast's top grommets made a raid on pint-sized Puerto Rico recently and you won't believe what happened. Let's just say there were more busted lips than a bare-knuckle boxing match and more air time than the Goodyear blimp. Evan Geiselman, Taylor Brothers, Matt Lopez and local standout Hector Santamaria ensure us that the sun will always continue to rise in the East.
Video: Cavin Brothers - Color Blind Media
Music: 'The Future' by The Turbo A.C.s
Check the Gudauskas trio as they have a go at some clean Newport wedging peaks. Watch the blonde-headed ripping of Tanner, Dane and Pat as they carve, gouge, and tube through some cooking, glassy surf.
Video: Aaron Lieber
Music: 'The Defog' by The Accidents

Check back for more video sessions from Aaron Lieber as he works on his debut surf movie.
While in Hawaii, Bobby Morris escapes the crowds to find an empty slab of reef and shares some hollow peaks with Nick Roza, Matt Mohagen and Dane Reynolds (minus his 3rd fin which he lost to the shallow reef).
Video and Edit: Matt Kleiner - The Glas
Music: 'cha cha choo choo'by The Jade Shader on Sonic Boom Recordings

Look for the new Film 'FIELD OF VISION' to be premiered at the Surf Expo in Jan and visit the GLAS booth for your FREE copy.

DEEP IN BRIAN'S BARRELS 3: MAINLAND MEX-צינורות משהו לא רגיל חובה לראות

Once again, Brian Conley takes us on an ultra-feral journey through Mainland Mexico and its frothing barrels. Check the in-the-tube view as he weaves through seemingly impossible caverns, while the deep, dark pit breathes and hisses down his neck. For those who will never get that deep and even for those who do, this truly unique cinematography puts you right where you always dream to be... perfectly slotted.

Related video clips:
Video & Editing: Brian Conley
For more action like this, check out Conley's latest film, 'My Eyes Won't Dry'

My Eyes Won't Dry 2 - Coming Soon to DVD.
Raimana, Teiva, Manoa, Garrett and friends tow into pumping late-season Teahupoo. For the full story, click here.
Ryan Carlson, Mason Ho and Nate Yeomans get loopy and looney on some Salt Creek nuggets. Yeomans gets uber-pitted, while Carlson pulls some insanely technical aerials -- proving good guys don't have to wear white.
Video: Scott Grevious
Music: 'Dry Spell' by Pepper

Go to www.lostenterprises.com for more videos.

August 29, 2005
KATRINA COMES TO WEST FLORIDA -----------מערב פלורידה
Cory Lopez, Pete Mendia and Baron Knowlton enjoy the first stirrings of Hurricane Katrina on Florida's Gulf Coast. Our hearts and best wishes go out to those in her path. Video and editing by Tony Coleman; more coverage on aurasurf.com . Footage is from Tony's soon-to-be-released vid Habitat.
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August 14, 2005
OBX RIP CURL GROM SEARCH------------------------גל קטן
Despite the tiny surf, a grand time was had by all. Emerald Isle, NC's Hunter Heverly, VB's Alex Strangeways and Wrightsville's Jonathon Mincher won their respective divisions. (Hunter rolled away with a mini streetbike for his efforts.)
Music: Backside Slappy
Video & Editing: Ben Stinson, Abstract Video Design
Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

July 31, 2005
MEXICAN GAME---------------------------פורטו אסקנדידו מכסיכו
Ten of Puerto Escondido's best surfers show the world what growing up at the world's best beachbreak will do for your surfing. Check out Christian Corzo's perfect ten, Roberto Salinas, Coco Nogales, and more at the first ever NSL Game in Mexico. Read the full story.
Music: 'B-Side Boogaloo' by B-Side Players, courtesy of Ubiquity Records
Video: Dave Ogle. Look for Dave's Puerto Underground Four to be out in a few months, and/or buy Puerto Underground Three.
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August 1, 2005
GERLACH SPEAKS OUT------------------גרלך מדבר
Few are more passionate about surfing becoming a mainstream sport than Brad Gerlach. Here's why.
Video: Mez/ESM. Stay tuned for more on ESM's upcoming video Always Right.
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August 1, 2005
Who knew practicing could be so fun? Shane Beschen, Rob Machado, Shea Lopez, Damien Hobgood and friends are let lose to run amuck in perfect Puerto Escondido to 'warm up' for the X Games, where the East ended up beating the West.
Read the full story.
Music: 'Feed Me Good' by The Har-You Percussion Group, courtesy of Ubiquity Records
Video: Dave Ogle. Look for Dave's Puerto Underground Four to be out in a few months, and/or buy Puerto Underground Three.

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WOMEN'S US OPEN HIGHLIGHTS------- נשים גולשות
Julia Christian wins Honda US Open of Surfing while Nikkita Robb takes Target Women's Junior Pro in meager surf at HB. Read the full story.
Music: Ribsys Nickel
Video & Editing: Graham Nash

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US OPEN OF LONGBOARDING----------------------לונג בורד
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IRONS WILL -----------------------אנדי אירונס
It took them a week to get there and it was no easy path, but in the end it was World Champion Andy Irons and the former Pipeline Master Rob Machado duking it out in small surf. Despite the marginal conditions it was a final to remember coming down to the last wave of the day and a win for Irons.
Read the full story here.
Music: The Fire Sermon
Video & Editing: Graham Nash
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MEX ONE----------------------------פורטו אסקנדידו
San Diego pro Eli Mirandon pointed his car south at the beginning of last month and isn't stopping till he reaches Puerto Escondido. Here are a few gems he's found along the way. And no, we're not telling you where. Read more about Eli's travels. Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

FANNING TIMES TWO--------------------------מייק פניינג
Peaking at just the right time, Mick Fanning put on an exhibition of power surfing in the final round of the Rip Curl Search WCT Reunion Island. By his own admittance Fanning had been lucky to make it through the early rounds but the fiesty Aussie, who was out most of 2004 with a hamstring injury, gave notice that he is out to win the world title this year. Read the full story.
Video & Editing: Rip Curl Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

THE KERR-UPT FLIP---------------ביצוע מסוג חדש
Marcos Sifu is a young air extraordinaire from Brazil. While down in Mexico he was working on a new maneuver by Josh Kerr called the Kerr-upt flip. Kerr himself remarked he's yet to complete one like this. Apparently it's both a mute and stalefish grab, alley-oop, but not much else. Marcos says it's rather easy. Sure it is.
Video: courtesy of Volcom Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

NSSA NATIONALS HIGHLIGHTS---------דור העתיד-----
John John Florence, Bethany Hamilton, Carissa Moore, Clay Marzo and friends prove the groms are alright in superfun Lowers. Read the full story.
Music: 'Princess Jean Jelly Pop' by Scott Sullivan
Video: James Lucare, Christian Anthony
Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT------------------תחרות זקנים
Nat Young wins the O'Neill Grom Prix in solid overgrom-sized surf in Santa Cruz.
Music: Cogent
Video: Graham Nash, Kieth Stevens
Editing: Graham Nash
Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

MARZO'S PERFECT 10s-----------------------ציון 10
Maui's Clay Marzo pulls the unthinkable: two perfect 10s in the hotly contested Open Mens final at the NSSA Nationals.
Read the full story.
Video: Christian Anthony Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

FLOWRIDER MAYHEM--------------------------------גל מלאכותי
Christian Fletcher, Jamie O'Brien, Bill Bryan and friends tear into their own slice of the chlorine dream on the Bruticus Maximus at the new Wavehouse in San Diego.
Read the full story.
Inside the Flowrider Video & Editing: Premier Productions
The Pros Video: Marc Beaty
Inside the Flowrider: Quicktime Video | Windows Media Player

GLOBE WCT FIJI FINALS-----------------פיג'י הגמר
Kelly Slater beats CJ Hobgood in perfect 6- to 8-foot Restaurants. Both demonstrate the fancy edgework necessary to excel on today's WCT Dream Tour.
Video & Editing: Globe Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

TUAMOTUS MAGIC-------------------------טהיטי גל מושלם
Tahiti's Northern Islands offer a wintertime alternative to the North Shore. This trip was taken in December '04, which made believers out of Sean, AJ and Tyler Collins; captain Chris O'Callahan and Moana David were already converts. Special thanks to wavehunters.com; read the full story.
Video: Sean Collins; Editing: AJ Collins Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

GLOBE WCT FIJI HIGHLIGHTS--------------פיגי הרגעים הגדולים
The world's best surfers take on some of the world's best waves in thumping South Pacific swell -- what'd you expect, extreme knitting? This is the real thing.
Video & Editing: Globe

Somewhere between Ensenada and Vancouver, Rusty Long and Brian Conley find a pumping righthander that's a cross between Makaha and the Ranch -- with no grumpy locals except for a few seals and the occasional aggressive strand of bull kelp.
Video & Editing: DANGVU Media Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

THE GAME: ORANGE COUNTY-------קליפורניה--
Orange County defeats rival San Diego to win the California Quiksilver Cup. Read the full story.
Video: C. Brenton Seamone; Editing: Ben Emodi




WILD WILD WEST----------------------אריאל של החיים
Joel Centieo wins the Volcom VQS Champs in perfect little ramps at 56th St. in Newport Beach. Read the full story
Video & Editing: James Lugo, shorescrew.com Quicktime Video Windows Media Player



NEW DISCOVERY IN FIJI ------ פוינטים חדשים בפיגי
Rob Machado, Pat O'Connell and Ross Williams pit themselves silly in perfect, empty reef-pass surf. It doesn't get bluer than this. Check out the full story and photo gallery. For more info on the area, check out Narewa.com and the May 2005 issue of SURFER magazine.
Music: 'Sexy Beast' by Shawn Lee courtesy of Ubiquity Records
Video & Editing: Craig Hoshide
Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

THE GAME: VENTURA------------------------ונטורה
The Ventura Pelicanos just flew through Week Four of the Quiksilver California Cup at home, beating Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Cruz. Go get 'em!
Video: Ben Emodi; Editing: Brent Seamon

MORE TEAHUPO'O MADNESS--------אירונס בצופו
Andy Irons, Shane Dorian, Manoa Drollett, Dylan Longbottom and Ian Walsh completely redefine backside tuberiding during last week's super session at Teahupo'o. Full story.
Music: 'Officer' by Slightly Stoopid courtesy of SurfDog Records
Video & Editing: Billabong
Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

MAYDAY IN TAHITI---- גט סקי בטהיטי כמעט על הראש
Raimana barely escapes death under partner Reef McIntosh's PWC, while Keala Kennelley is towed into the biggest wave ridden by a woman at Teahupo'o and CJ Hobgood strokes into one of the thickest paddle-in Teahupo'o waves to date.
Video & Editing: Billabong
Raimana vs. Jet Ski: Quicktime Video | Windows Media Player

SURFBOUT HIGHLIGHTS------- ביצועים לפנים משאדו
Check out some of the world's best -- including Wardo, Machado and Curran -- tearing into epic Lower Trestles for the Body Glove SurfBout. South African David Weare prevailed to take the win. Full Story.
Music: Rockets and Cars, Agent 51, Legbone
Video & Editing: Greg Browning, Tim Montag (CalSurfPix)
Saturday, Semi-Finals: Quicktime Video | Windows Media Player

THE GAME: SAN DIEGO---תחרות בסן דיגו
The SD Sea Lions win three games at Oceanside, but lose to Orange County on Day Four. Read the full story.
Music: The Expendables
Video & Editing: Graham Nash

GIANT SOUTH FLORIDA-----גל גדול בדרום פלורידה
The April 17th super session went down with CJ Hobgood, Jeremy Saukel, Matt Kechele, Baron Knowlton and the Williams Brothers towing in at an undisclosed spot that was pushing double-overhead and beyond.
Video: Rodrigo Miranda
Editing: Eddie Toy, Florida Atlantic Technologies
Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

KEEPING IT QUIET--------------גרלך
Gerlach, the Long brothers, Brian Connelley Dino Andino and Snips demonstrate what to do if you find a secret spot in 2005 -- figure out when it's good, pull in till it's over and then get out before anyone knows where you went. Read the full story.
Music: 'Dirty Birdy' by Shawn Lee
Video & Editing: DANGVU Media
Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

THE GAME: LOS ANGELES -----------לוס אנגלס
Santa Cruz nips LA in Day One of the Quiksilver California Cup at Leo Carrillo. On Day Two, Orange County squeezes past Los Angeles in overtime in small surf and San Diego defeats Los Angeles in final moments of Day Three. Los Angeles then defeats Ventura County on Day Four. Read the full stories on Day One and Day Two. For upcoming events, check nslgame.com.
Music: A.P.T.
Video & Editing: NSL, Brent Seamone, Bruce Wayne Yip

BIKINI-FREE ZONE--------------שבירה במי קרח
Jesse Hines wins the Red Bull Icebreak at a pumping, freezing and undisclosed left pointbreak in Nova Scotia. Full story.
Video & Editing: Red Bull Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

THE GAME: SANTA CRUZ----------------המשחקים בסנטה
Is surfing a team sport? Check out the Santa Cruz Stormriders barely losing to the San Diego Sea Lions on Day Three of the Quiksilver California Cup in perfect conditions at Steamer Lane -- then decide. And then break out the pom-poms, 'cause the NSL Game is coming to your town, and you will cheer your home team. Click here for the full story.
Music: Fire Sermon
Video: Graham Nash, Keith Stephens
Editing: Graham Nash
Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

WEST SIDE STORY------------------ סיפור מהצד המערבי 
Twenty-year-old Anthony Tashnick wins the 2005 Maverick's Surf Contest in solid 20-foot surf taking down a field of experienced watermen like Matt Ambrose, Shaun Rhodes, Zach Wormhoudt, as well as visitors Greg Long, Evan Slater and Garrett McNamara. Read the full story here.
Music: 'Everything You Need' by Slightly Stoopid, music provided by Surfdog Records
Video: Footage from Powerlines Productions. Eric W. Nelson from the cliff and Curt Myers from the boat. Look for the summer release of their next film, Down the Line, which documents the '04/'05 NPAC winter season. Editing: Christian Anthony
Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

PERFECT 10s --------------------------------------ציון 10
Greg Long and Shane Desmond post the only two perfect rides of the 2005 Maverick's Surf Contest. Desmond's wave is arguably the biggest wave ridden this season and perhaps the biggest backside wave ever ridden in a contest.
Video & Editing: Christian Anthony Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

WINTER WONDERLAND --------------------ניו יורק במיטב
New York may not be anyone's idea of Surf City, but when the right conditions come together on Long Island -- like they did on February 4th -- you'd be hard pressed to find more perfect beachbreak tubes. Who needs Puerto Rico? Just strap on the 6-4-3mm and some mittens.
Music: 'Corner Stores' by The Defog
Video & Editing: Clark Lipton, Grem67
Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

DRIPPING WET-------------------------------------מבט מהמים
A water's-eye view of Pipeline and Backdoor, with AI, Brucey, Michael Ho, Jesse Merle Jones and other North Shore locals getting up close and personal in perfect eight-foot tubes.
Music: 'Lost In A Fun House' by Mumbles
Video & Editing: DANGVU Media
Check out DANGVU media's latest film 'Pico to Basilone' which comes out next month.
Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

DORIAN MEETS JAWS-------------------שיין דוריאן בגל  גדול
Despite the fact that the mid-January swell was super west and many of the bigger sets missed the reef, Shane Dorian did manage to snag the biggest wave of the day on Monday, January 17th at Peahi. Which was a heckuva lot bigger than anything that reared up in California. Click here for the whole story.
Video & Editing: Ivan van Vuuren/Premier Productions
Get your copy of the Award-Winning "Liquid Thunder at Jaws", featuring 10 years of the best "JAWS" action here.

HEPATITIS HEAVEN----------------------
After all the rains earlier in the month, it was inevitable that one or two fleeting rivermouth sandbars would show up in SoCal. Couple that with a solid WNW swell and offshore winds and you've got hepatitis heaven for a hardy few. The local crew got gamma globulin shots on the way out.
Video & Editing: John Coctostan Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

Everyone knows there are no more secret spots in California. The entire coastline has been mapped, remapped, paved over and sold to Starbucks. But sometimes, with the right combo of sandbar, swell, wind and tide, little windows pop open just long enough for those in the know. If we told you where this was, we'd have to destroy the whole internet. Suffice to say it may not break again for a long, long time. Where will you be? Click here for the full scoop on California's epic swell and here for a slideshow of the recently-formed sandbars.
Music: Azure Ray, 'New Resolution'; Video: Lee Eddington Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

Weaving through Rincon's 200-board pileup requires a great deal of patience, skill and local knowledge. Oh, and rocket blasters on the bottom of your board don't hurt either. Bobby Martinez demonstrates during last week's swell.
Video & Editing: Josh Pomer, The Surf Lab.
Check out Josh's latest film TK7 on DVD or download.
Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

While attention has shifted over recent years -- Kelly, the Irons brothers, Kauai's Wolf Pack -- watching Tom Curren surf Pipeline will always be a very special thing. This year in particular, he was all over the North Shore, paddling out in death-or-glory closeouts one day and styling through perfect tubes the next. Hey, you don't get to be three-time world champ for nothing.
Video & Editing: DANGVU Media Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

We won't know whether or not HT's and other Mentawais superspots were affected by the tsunami until next spring, but that shouldn't stop everyone from booking their boat trip asap. The locals need your cash now more than ever. This is the "Surf Happens" crew -- Aaron Ernst, Chris Keet, Chad LaBass, and Mike Billgreen -- scoring some late season perfection at Lance's Rights. This trip was delivered by Sumatran Surfariis, who have done an incredible amount of work in assisting the Tsunami victims.
Music: Rustic Groove; Video: Bo Appleton, Noverius Marunduri; Editing: Bo Appleton Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

Cory Lopez, Kelly Slater, Tom Curren, Benny B and the rest of America's hottest surfers tear apart the Inlet in the first contest of the 2005 ASP season. For the full story, click here.
Video & Editing: Tony Coleman, Aura Surf
Check out Tony's latest film, Gulf Blvd.
Windows Media Player

Kelly Slater, Tom Curren and friends pull into big, blue, heaving Pipeline -- surfing doesn't get any better.
Video & Editing: Todd Elrod
Check out Todd's latest film, Loaded Pipe.
Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

Who needs the Statue of Liberty? The Queen of the Coast opens her arms to ALL the huddled masses, yearning to break free on the season's first solid NW swell. And then they drop in on you. Welcome to California. Bobby Martinez, Josh Bradburry, Ryan Moore, Justin Paul, Joe Curren, Aaron Ernst and Jack Johnson lead the way.
Music: 'S is for Susan' by Park, Lobster Records;
Video & Editing: Josh Pomer, The Surf Lab.
Check out Josh's latest film 'TK7' on DVD or download.
Quicktime Video Windows Media Player


Opening Day at Jaws, December 15th. Laird Hamilton, Garrett McNamara, the Maui crew, Gerlach, Snips, and a host of others try their PWC-assisted hands at tackling giant Peahi. Click here for the whole story. Music: 'Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun', The Beastie Boys and 'If It Ain't Ruff', NWA; Video: Sean Collins and Marc Beaty; Editing: Christian Anthony

המילטון גולש במאווי

 EDDIE WENTהתחרות באוימאה ברוס אירונס מנצח  
From Bruce Irons perfect 100-point ride to Flea's picture perfect wipeout, the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau is all about going for it. As they say, Eddie would've. Music: Reveries (Edit), by Dimitri From Paris; Video: Marcus Sanders; Editing: Marc Beaty and Marcus Sanders Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

Local rippers Shayne Boyle, Paul Treacy, St James' rep Greg Allen and a few lucky visitors score some howling offshore NYC tubes during the epic late October 04 swell. Music: U2, 'Vertigo'; Video & Editing: Mark Temme, Guerrilla Guru Films Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

Rare footage of longtime Tavura local Jon Roseman towing into some of the biggest Restaurants ever seen -- from way around the corner. Music: Chamber Brothers, 'Funky'; Video: Michael Ng, MN Media Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

GOLD COAST'S SILVER LINING גולד קוסט אוסטרליה
Local pro Jay Phillips tears into the Gold Coast's real treasure - long, roping, blue barrels. Video: Shagga and Matt Gye; Footage courtesy of  Proctor Surfboards Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

TAJ BLOWS UP IN BAJA באחה מקסיקו
Taj Burrow, Che Stang and Sam MacIntosh redefine air travel in Cabo's playful pointbreaks. Stay tuned for more red-hot surfing in Taj's upcoming video from Billabong, Fair Bits. Music: The Hives; Video: Sean Collins; Producer: AJ Collins Quicktime Video Windows Media Player

MAN AND MACHINE במקום סודי
Somewhere South of the Border, (and we're not telling which border), Scott Chandler, Adam Cohen and Dana Barre pull into the kind of death-defying tubes that are just now becoming accessible with the aid of superfast personal watercraft, fine-tuned min-guns -- and balls the size of Central America. Music: Kyuss, 'Thumb'; Video Footage: Enrico Rossi; Editing: AC Quicktime Video Windows Media Player


EAST COAST ACTION בחוף המזרחי של ארצות הברית
The Smith Garden State Grudge Match went off in superfun surf in New Jersey in early October, with local boy Frank Walsh beating out local boy Sam Hammer in the finals. Meanwhile, a week later and a few hundred miles south, the Outer Banks Pro presented by WRV went off in some chunky conditions and was won by visiting California pro Chris Ward. Click here for the full story.
Outer Banks Video & Editing: Brad Bennett; Grudge Match Music: ACDC; Video & Editing: Kevin Doherty, Z-Surf
Outer Banks Pro: Quicktime Video | Windows Media Player
Grudge Match: Quicktime Video | Windows Media Player


On Wednesday, September 29th, some very solid southeast swell from Hurricane Jeanne and 20-knot offshore winds conspired to create an epic barrelfest for a lucky few - most notably Brazilian National Champ Yuri Sodie, who looks right at home in the hollow a-frames. Music: Fat Boy Slim; Video & Editing: Clark Lipton, Grem67
Quicktime Video
Windows Media Player


Ex-pat locals JJ Yemma, Lance Moss and Manu take on a heaving outer reef slab in Nicaragua during one of the best Southern Hemi swells of the year. Music: El Chicano, 'Viva Tirado'; Video: Marcus Sanders Special thanks to Wavehunters for making this video clip possible.
Quicktime Video
Windows Media Player


September 20, 2004
Two of America's best regularfoots take on high-performance heaven during the Boost Mobile Pro presented by Quiksilver -- you can't even mind surf that good. Music: The Matches, 'Sick Little Suicide'; Video & Editing: AJ Collins.
Windows Media Player


A force to be reckoned with, Joel Parkinson outdueled Kelly Slater in the finals of the Boost Mobile Pro presented by Quiksilver at Lower Trestles. The surf was pumping with solid 6- to 8-foot waves and, despite a tricky southwest wind, the pros took full advantage of what was offered. Clips One and Two Video & Editing: Josh Pomer The Surf Lab. Clip Three Music: 'Piped', The Expendables; Video & Editing: Wavecam Productions
Clip One: Windows Media Player
Clip Two: Windows Media Player
Clip Three: Windows Media Player


Not the entire East Coast was giant on September 4th; some places in North Carolina were a performance surfer's wet dream: glassy, head high peaks, warm green water, and a sunset that didn't come till like 8pm. Now that's why we like fall. Locals rippers Mark Yonkers, Wesley Bell, Zach Thompson, and Shane Upchurch enjoy their favorite season. Music: Frank Black, 'Thalassocracy'; Video & Editing: Jerry Ricciotti, FourTenMedia
Quicktime Video - 14mb


Labor Day, 2004. Howard's steep S/SE swell managed to funnel quite nicely into this secret spot, known only as The Crippler. Rob Machado, Dane Reynolds, Keith Malloy, R.G., Matt Wesson, Josh Bradbury, and Sean Hayes enjoy their day off. Music: The Surf Lab; Video & Editing: Josh Pomer, The Surf Lab. Don't miss the 'Kill Seven' premiere September 16 at the El Rio theater in Santa Cruz.
Quicktime Video - 6.7mb
Windows Media Player - 2.3mb


Most of the year, Newport Point just kinda sits there, overshadowed by its more glamorous - and consistent - neighbors, like 56th St. and the Wedge. But when a short-interval hurricane swell with a touch of east in it comes barreling up the canyon, all of Newport Beach (hell, it seems like most of Southern California) heads to 17th St. looking for a bit of the old "in-out" -- and occasionally finding it. Video & Editing: Joel Corral
Quicktime Video - 12.3mb
Windows Media Player - 14.7mb


On Saturday, September 4th, very solid north swell from Hurricane Frances and 30 knot offshore winds turned the normally placid South Beach into a lime-green Puerto Escondido -- with better Cuban food. It was one the best spots on the whole East Coast -- before the cops kicked everyone off the beach. Music: Caught Inside; Video & Editing: Robert Lyon
Quicktime Video - 11.7mb
Windows Media Player - 12.3mb


Two-time World Champ Andy Irons pulls in at meaty Cloudbreak and gorges himself at perfect Restaurants. Video from "Transmitting Live", a new film by Salt Creek local Andrew Kopjak, produced by Fisheye Films. For more info go to Seven Films.
Quicktime Video - 5.2mb
Windows Media Player - 2.4mb


Rob Machado, Tom Carroll and 100 of their closest friends greet a new south swell at Lowers. From Josh Pomer's soon to be released film, Kill Seven. Music: A Small Victory, 'The Pieces We Keep', Lobster Records
Quicktime Video - 10.5mb
Windows Media Player - 4.7mb


Surf fans from around the world came together at Huntington Beach to watch the top pros duel it out in the US Open of Surfing. And they weren't disappointed, among the stand-outs were Rob Machado, Corey Lopez, Fred Pattachia and Timmy Reyes. When the smoke cleared however, it was Taj Burrow taking home the top prize money. Music: 'Step Into Liquid' soundtrack (available here); Video & Editing: AJ Collins
Clip One: Quicktime Video | Windows Media Player
Clip Two: Quicktime Video | Windows Media Player


The Box meets Sunset Beach: screaming double-overhead tubes rifle into Cowaramup Bay while some of the best barrel-riders in the business -- including Taj Burrow, Chris Ward, Gavin Beschen, Jamie O'Brien and a host of locals -- hold a high line and hang on. Video & Editing: Seven Films; From Pete Freiden's new video 'Back in Town', available now on DVD.
Quicktime Video - 7mb
Windows Media Player - 3.1mb


The shining star of North Carolina, Ben Bourgeois training at home in Wrightsville Beach, NC shows off some of that southern style. Music: The Pixies; Video & Editing: Joe Cheshire. For more action check out www.digitalwunderland.com.
Quicktime Video - 11mb
Windows Media Player - 5.2mb


As usual, this year's NSSA Nationals showcased the best in American amateur surfing today. Highlights on the boys side include Dane Gudauskas blistering backside carves winning him the Open Mens title; Kilian Garland getting two perfect tens and spinning carves in the process; TJ Barron surfing beyond most everyone until gradually coming undone towards the end; and John John Florence, doing big swooping carves to win the Open Boys division. Video: Marc Beaty; Music: Fu Manchu.
For the full story and results, click here

Friday: Quicktime Video | Windows Media Player
Saturday, Clip One: Quicktime Video | Windows Media Player
Saturday, Clip Two: Quicktime Video | Windows Media Player


Glassy, sapphire blue walls, gurgling, below sea level sand-sucking pits, and 300 of your closest friends to share it with -- that's why they call it Surfer's Paradise. Video & Editing: DANGVU Media.
Quicktime Video - 6.4mb
Windows Media Player - 5.6mb


Highlights of the 4th Annual VQS World Championships, held on May 14th-16th at 54th Street, in Newport Beach in 2 to 5-foot peaky surf. Dustin Cuizon took the Pro Am division, Alex Gray won the Juniors, Shota Nakamura won the Groms and Josh Kerr took the Air Spectacular. Click here for the whole story. Music: Pepper, 'Back Home', from their new album 'In With The Old'; Video & Editing: Aaron Quick
Quicktime Video - 13.6mb
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March, 2004
During the south swell of the season things heated up at a little known spot down south. CJ Hobgood, Brad Burdick, Josh Kerr, Punker Pat and friends throw themselves into the action. Video: Brandon Burdick, from his upcoming movie, 'Picture Show'.
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June, 2003
Young San Clemente charger Greg Long beat out an international battalion of big wave surfers to win the Red Bull BWA Title last year. Dungeons was thick, cold, giant and shifty -- just how contest organizers wanted it. The waiting period for this year's Red Bull BWA runs from June 7th-27th. Stay tuned here for daily updates.
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Winter, 2003
Highlights of the North Shore 2003 season. Watch Slater, Dorian, Mark Healey, Braden Dias, Keiren Perrow and more tackle solid Pipe and Backdoor. Music: North Coast Underground; Video & Editing: DANGVU Media.
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October, 2003
Intrepid and wacky flyboys Aaron Cormican, Ozzie Wright and friends follow their compasses southward and find some kind of warmwater pointbreak perfection at the end of the rainbow. Music: The Expendables, 'Full Version'; Video: Sean Collins.
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October, 2003
Australia is blessed with some of the best surf in the world -- and some of the best surfers to go along with it. Check out what kind of damage guys like Taj Burrow, Mick Fanning, Danny Wills and Troy Brooks can do to their home turf. Ouch. Click here for Surfline's Australian breakmap. Music: Those Peabodys, 'Bleed Blue'; Video: Jason Hatch; Editing: Ryan Ray. Their latest video, 'The French Connexion' is available on DVD.
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March 22, 2004
March 22nd. Opening day at Teahupo'o this year was far from perfect -- weird winds, rain squalls, and raw, 15-foot swell, creating ultrathick, chunky 30-foot-plus faces. But these ski-assisted days, when the swell of the year hits the reef at the End of the Road, the boys are on it.

Watch local legends Vetea 'Poto' David and Manoa Drollet lean back into a couple thick ones, while Raimana Van Bostolaer gets one of the heaviest tubes of all time. Next, Brad Gerlach nabs yet another backside barrel. As an added bonus for the masochists, Dave Kalama cartwheels down the face into oblivion in one of the worst wipeouts ever captured on film. Ouch. Click here for more photos and a full explanation of the day by Mike Parsons, right here for an in depth look at the swell that rocked the entire Pacific Ocean, and if you're nuts enough to want to see that stuff in person, click here for Surfline's Teahupo'o Resort Guide.

Music: 'Summertime Rolls', Jane's Addiction; Video: From the soon-to-be-released video "Raising the Bar" by Jeff Doner and Double Vision Films. Other films from Double Vision include the critically acclaimed "Amplified" which is available on DVD here.

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  May, 2003
Highlights of last year's event and freesurf sessions, including the most mental backside tuberiding ever seen courtesy of the Irons brothers. Stay tuned to Billabongpro.com for a webcast of this year's contest which runs through May 18th. Filmed for "Billabong Odyssey". Video: Arenaplex, presented by TotalVid.
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  April 27, 2004
Malibu was probably the first really crowded spot in California in the '60s and has only gotten more jammed. Add the swell-of-the-year with a springtime heat wave and you get a whole bunch of carnage mixed in with some beautiful rides. Music: The Shival Experience; Video and Editing: Powerage Creative Media.
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  Winter, 2003 - 04
Who needs Indo boat trips when you've got hollow California beachbreak? Here are some clean, green highlights from the winter of '03-'04 featuring Damien Hobgood, Mike Todd, Josh Sleigh, Jon Rose, Joe Crimo and more. Music: North Coast Underground; Video & Editing: DANGVU Media.
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  September 5, 2003
Cory Lopez, Damien Hobgood, Dean Morrison, Tim Curran and eventual winner Kalani Robb all express themselves in Lowers perfect green walls at last year's Foster's Expression Session. Look for more action at Lowers coming up at the Body Glove Surfbout starting April 20th. Video & Editing: DANGVU Media.
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  Winter, 2003
Dane Reynolds may not be Rincon royalty quite yet, but his polished attack kept even the crustiest locals grinning over the winter at the Queen of the Coast. Music: Jurrasic 5; Video & Editing: Treavor Ortiz.
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  February 22, 2004
Locals dominate the absolutely flawless conditions at the 2004 Energy Pro; Tom Dosland won the thing, but everyone left smiling. More info here. Music: Guttermouth, 'Summer's Over'; Video: Isaac Frazer; Editing: Tyler Rock.
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Two-time world champ Andy Irons and Cory Lopez discover a secret right pointbreak in South Africa and no one's telling where it is. An exclusive clip from Pete Frieden's upcoming video 'Back in Town'. Music: Capitol Eye, 'Let's Go'; Video: Pete Frieden; Editing: Ryan Ray.
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  March 25, 2004
Earlier this March, the Santa Cruz crew managed to score some silky green barrels at a once-a-year spot somewhere, uh, down south. Video & Editing: Tim Marshall.
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  December 19, 2003
In an emotionally and physically draining final, Andy Irons overcame unpredictable surf, a buckled board and Kelly Slater to win the 2003 Xbox Pipeline Masters, the Triple Crown and wrap up the World Title. Video: Sean Collins; Editing: A.J. Collins.
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  May, 2003
To prep you for this year's season in mainland Mexico here are some serious barrels from last May in Puerto Escondido. Otto Flores, Peter Mel, Gavin Beschen, Ken "Skindog" Collins, Rusty, and North Carolina Willy demonstrate how its done. Video & Editing: Matthew Catalano.
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  February, 2004
Late February saw one of the biggest northwest swells of year come marching down through the Channel Islands and into Santa Barbara's many nooks and crannies. Here's Tom Curren on the wave of the winter; his brother Joe getting below sea level and spit out at Secret Spot and Sandspit; and Ryan Moore racing tube after tube. Video & Editing, Sandspit: Treavor Ortiz; Video, Secret Spot: Josh Pomer, The Surf Lab.
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  February 26, 2004
Ghost Tree, somewhere north of Point Conception, February 26th. Santa Cruz surfers Russell and Tyler Smith spend the late morning towing their way into some of the meanest walls this side of Maverick's. (See video.) By mid afternoon, the swell jacked another ten feet and Don Curry, Dougal Hutchinson and Ed Guzman had the session of their lives. Video: Ryan Masters. Editing: Christian Anthony. Music: "One More Time" by Cymande. Posted: March 10, 2004.
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  February 27, 2004
February 27th After the giant, south-wind-tattered swell of the 26th, Jeff Clark knew it'd clean up enough to run the Maverick's contest after a two year hiatus. It was slightly bumpy and windy, but Flea's winning wave was a solid 15-footer -- enough to make most mortals run for shelter. For the full story on the contest, click here. Video: Ryan Masters. Editing: Christian Anthony. Music: "Something's Got To Give" by The Beastie Boys. Posted: March 10, 2004.
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  February 26, 2004
Brad Gerlach throws his hat into the Billabong XXL ring with a couple Todos Santos bombs on Thursday, February 26. Posted: March 03, 2004.
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  April, 2003
Epic Cloudbreak barrels. Super low tide Restaurants. Mike Todd, Dan Malloy, Conan Hayes, Rick Isabelle, Dylan, Kaio, and the crew capture some of the best waves of the year with super clean conditions, and showing why many people call Tavarua paradise... Video: Sean Collins, Music: "Sweet Honey" from Slightly Stoopid at Surfdog Records. Posted: Feb 25, 2004.
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  FEBRUARY 8, 2004
Here is a video clip from the The Red Bull Ice Break that took place on Feb. 8 in Halifax, Novia Scotia with perfect (winter) conditions, overhead waves and below freezing temperatures. Flying in from sunny Brazil, Dean Randazzo won the event against a stacked final including Frank Walsh (2nd) and Matt Keenan (3rd). Posted: Feb 18, 2004.
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  January 12, 2003
An armada of boats descended upon Cortes Bank to greet an average swell with super clean conditions. Although the waves weren't huge, there were great performances by the Billabong Odyssey crew of Mike Parsons, Brad Gerlach, Shane Dorian, and Noah Johnson. Other standouts included Garret McNamara, Flea, Barney, and Carlos Burle. Filmed by Sean Collins. Edited by Christian Anthony. Music: Leave Home by The Chemical Brothers. Post: January 23, 2004.
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  January 12, 2003
Gerlach shares a hilarious story of what he saw out in the water at Cortes Bank on Jan 12th -- some fat guy being towed into waves by a "white inner tube with a steering wheel." Say what??? Filmed by Sean Collins. Edited by Christian Anthony. Post: January 23, 2004.
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