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Thoughts from a Californian Native Learning to Surf in Israel.....


It took me 27 years of age and moving to the Middles East to embark on
the adventurous journey that is the sport of surfing. Warmly welcome
by the legendary Topsea community, I have become a somewhat permanent
fixture at the place. Standing out as the only adult in the weekly
kids classes (my favorite activity I do all week) and joining the
Topsea team (which has challenged every inch of my body and pushed me
to my physical limit).
As I aspire surf all over the world, so far visitng places such as
Bali and Morocco, I feel that no other place has the warmth, good vibe
and fun loving nature of the Topsea surf centre.  The warm water,
awesome instructors and expert experience of Orian (the son of the
Topsi, the first Israeli surfer), makes this the perfect place for to
learn how to surf.
Surfing has changed my life. It has been the most rewarding and
challenging pursuit I have yet to take on. There are good days and bad
days, becoming more dynamic and fun the more I do it. Developing a
love for the sea and all the good people I have shared sessions with
along the way.
I want to use this space to share my love of surfing in this crazy
country. The trials and tribulations of a Californian learning to surf
in Israel.
To all my surfing friends out there – especially the English speaking
ones – who’ve I shared many great sessions with as we’ve tried to lean
together – I invite you to please reply and share of your stories as
On that note, I am boarding a plane to Sri Lanka for another epic
surfing adventure – hope the swell picks up in IL! See ya in the water
when I’m back :)

Yes Daniela - epic post

The benefits of surfing are only really known to a surfer - it's funny how everyone kind of knows that surfers experience something that is amazing, but no one will ever really know what that experience is until they put in the years of hard work and dedication to get up and truly shred a wave

Like Dorian Paskowitz says - everything in the universe is made of waves, and there's something magical about capturing the wave energy that manifests in the ocean, and figuring out how to leverage it to move you forward

One of the coolest experiences I've had surfing in Israel (I too am a transplanted California native) is a solo session at the ancient ruins of Caesaria - perfect waves in 85-degree weather and water that seemed just as warm, riding crystal clear waves so I could look down and see the reef, or look up and see a 2,000 year old aquaduct! and then continue up to Haifa to shape boards at my friend's shaping room

The guys at TopSea are great - I love biking back home along the beach from the shaping room and seeing all you guys surfing in your Friday afternoon class - everyone is so stoked, and it's a great community that Orian created there to teach these kids about health and the joy of surfing

keep it up

keep surfing


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